I just watched “Into the Night”: it not just a film, it is an experience. A deep journey, overwhelming, thoughtful, encouraging. Even in the most intimate moments like the scene with the surgeon and his wife: there is never ever a feeling of voyeurism or a “stolen moment”.

I´m sure with all the reactions of the audience you will get bunches of gratefulness and love for what you have made. And these reactions have a simple and clear message: this film had to be done, for everybody who is dealing with similar questions of life and death and that means: all of us. People who are looking for solace, people who want to defy death, people who lost faith after a deep personal loss and people who regained faith.

Somebody had the courage to bring all these people together in one film. I feel at home with all of them.

Thank you so much for “Into the Night.
— Andres Veiel, Director, BEUYS (2017)

It is a stunning, graceful, deeply intelligent spiritual journey.
— Lena Tabori, Book Publisher

My experience of [the film] was quite profound. The subject of death to me was a notion mixed with feelings of mystery and loss, [and so] I did not know what to expect from the documentary. To my surprise, the portrayal of ‘death’ was refreshing, inspiring and uplifting—brilliant.
— Nevena Silic
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This time of year continues to be a struggle for our family as Jeff took a large center stage over the Holidays.  We desperately miss his presence in our lives. Your documentary was a way for him to leave a message beyond his passing, which was immensely important to Jeff and thus to me as well.
— Jean Piehler

Such thought-provoking interviews: all angles and attitudes on mortality were covered. Our finitude as humans is the final frontier. So many of your portraits were filled with hope and optimism. What could have been morose became very uplifting and inspiring.
— Amala Levine, PhD

A magnificent tour de force handled with great sensitivity, beautifully filmed, fine photography.
— Eric Levine, Retired Financier
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Helen’s film has made a major contribution to the fields of pastoral counseling, hospital chaplaincy, and hospice. People working with the dying need to help their clients and their families find a way to deal with the death, to think about it, to find a meaning, to find a perspective, to find acceptance and peace. Helen’s film explores a number of different ways that modern people have come to understand death, an extremely important accomplishment. In addition, the film is beautifully made, many parts beautiful and ultimately up lifting.
— Elizabeth Scott, Psychotherapist

The documentary filled us with questions, answers and wonder.
— Andrea Cunliffe, Film Director

This is a profound film. Through conversations and interviews emerge ways of looking at death that stirs our desire to be fully present in this life.
— Tina Packer, Actor, Executive Director, Shakespeare and Co.

The power of the individual portraits, the cumulative effect of the different experiences and points of view, the gorgeous images that made me relish more than even what we mortals have around us in the here and now.
— Barbara Weisberg, Author
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It was not an easy film to watch but a great one. Extraordinary. I found the range of responses to mortality fascinating. My favorite was the physicist because his attitude was one of intense curiosity while never denying his fear, so human and real. Unadorned with ideology, brave too.
— Richard A. Friedman, MD

I saw my life go through my head while I was watching your film. It’s about time that someone made such a dignified film about death and dying.
— A Viet Nam Veteran

Into the Night is a bold work: capturing the physicality and spirituality of the death experience so cinematically.  I confess that I held my breath watching the early sequences—corpse and cremation—until guided into the other dimensions of mortality, through such a spectrum of individuals.  Though not observantly religious, I envied those who found solace in theirs—yet everyone begins their own reflection and meditation.
— Toby Talbot

A masterpiece. Every element perfection. A work of surpassing beauty, profound significance, daring emotional and intellectual honesty, towering spiritual courage, breathless intimacy and consummate artistry.
— Martha Andresen Wilder, PhD

We have a level of peace that we didn’t have before and are so humbled to have the opportunity to share this with the viewing audience around the world. I believe others will have a different outlook after viewing the movie as well.
— Narseary Harris