Good Backup Practices

  1. Use Google Docs to save copies of all content, especially blog posts which can't be duplicated in Squarespace. 
  2. Keep all the images you use on the site on your computer. You can organize these into folders such as "blog photos", "screening photos", "background images", etc.
  3. Make periodic manual backup pages (see below)


Making Backups

Before you make any big changes, make sure to make a backup of the page so you can go back to that version should anything go wrong. Don't worry about editing the Index pages, these are just containers for the parts of each page. Just backup the individual parts of each section.

  1. Go to PAGES in the left navigation, click the ">" to expand the page parts and click the edit GEAR icon next to the part you want to duplicate
  2. In the window that pops up on the right, scroll down to the bottom and select DUPLICATE
  3. Name the new page the same as the original, but add the date (ex: About the Film 8-17)
  4. Move this page to the BACKUPS folder of the current year at the bottom of the NOT LINKED pages. 
  5. Click on the GEAR for the backup you just made and uncheck the box for ENABLED
  6. Go back to the original version of the page and make your edits (Do not edit the backup by mistake)

Recovering a Backup

If something goes wrong with a page you are editing and you have already saved the changes, you can swap it out for the latest backup version. This might not be completely up to date so any changes you made since the last backup will need to be made again. 

  1. Click on the GEAR for the page you need to replace. Change the name to [name of page]-broken and then add "-broken" to the url of the page in the URL SLUG box at the bottom of the window. 
  2. Uncheck the ENABLED box and then move the page to the BROKEN folder.
  3. Find the most recent backup for that page and click on the GEAR icon.
  4. Check the ENABLED box to turn on the page.
  5. In the URL SLUG box, remove the date text.
  6. SAVE and move the page to where the old page was.